Expectations or NAH? (that was for my sister ;-))

OK, so there is something that I have had on my mind for a minute and I am soliciting some other thought on the subject. Should we have expectations for the people that are closest to us? The people that are closest to us are the only ones that can really disappoint us. These are the people that we have made an investment in. They are the ones that we think are doing the same in us. When our loved ones do things that we believe are “out of character”, we are hurt, frustrated. We need to think about it though, are they really acting out of character or are they just doing what comes naturally? When I was thinking about this, I thought about when we paint a wall. We may have one color on the wall when we move in but if we don’t treat the wall with primer or whatever, the original color bleeds back through; I think that it is the same with people. If they have presented themselves one way from the beginning, they can show you another side of them and change your mind about their character but eventually, the real person is gonna begin to “bleed” through. We all will eventually be true to ourselves because you tired of being someone else at some point. ¬†Anyway, that is just my opinion, I want to know what other think about this. At your job, the company has expectations for you to grow the company and you lose out when you do not meet them. Should we have expectations in our relationships or should we just let a person be who they are? Do you communicate your expectations in the beginning or whenever they change to avoid drama and disappointment?

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  1. Dwane Gilroy says:

    Awesome write up!!! Should generate much discussion among relationships on all levels. You really hit it out the park with this one.. You are Blessed

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