Emerging Strong
Coaching, LLC

We Are Looking For People who are ready to live their very best life...

I am a ICF certified Health and Life Coach through the Health Coach Institute in sunny California. I would love to work with you! I work with highly creative and over-scheduled individuals who have challenges with work/home/fun balance. I dig into what that unique balance looks and feels like for them. I help my clients step back and breathe, set and reach their goals as they find the best pathway to what a successful and fulfilled life is for them. And self-discovery is a huge part of that! 

Each Program Covers

up to a 90-day program

Whether you are looking to transform in the area of health, money, love, spirituality, or life in general, I will come along side you, hold space for you and support you in your journey to the freedom you desire. A program will be created especially for your needs so that we can discover the answers that are already inside of you. 

20, 30, or 60 minute calls

We have calls that can easily fit into your schedule. Even with a busy schedule, we can fit your desire to improve your life into the day! You deserve to be able to dedicate time for self improvement and I will be there for you whether you just want to do a quick call to get "unstuck", or get into some deep work, you will recieve the support you need. 

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