It Is Not Crazy…..Embrace It Anyway!

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Have you ever heard this one before? “Girl, you are so crazy!”

What about saying to yourself, “I don’t want to look crazy.”


Someone may have called you crazy before. You may have spoken to yourself in this way a time or two. Thought you were crazy for caring too much or being a little extra. Did you think you were crazy for choosing your mate or dreaming too big? Just know  that what you or someone else is calling crazy is the perfect kind of crazy for you! It is your “crazy” and I say own it. I know that I am owning mine and it is what it is.

Is This Crazy?

What did they say? It is crazy to quit your job and chase your dream. Are you crazy? Caring so much for them or oversharing with her/him. Is it crazy to expect someone to repect you or communicate with you? If you don’t receive that, is it crazy to be disappointed or upset?Going Crazy! Wanna Go? - East Texas working mom, wife, friends

Do you think it is crazy to cut ties with someone who is narcissistic, who gaslights you, or constantly confuses you? You are learning what you will allow in your life and you have to respect what is thought of as crazy. Do not doubt your boundaries. We are sometimes pressured not to care. I say…care if you want to! Embrace your “crazy”.


Cool VS. Crazy

Why do people make us feel guilty for not running with the pack? For not embracing what is coveted by the masses? You are not crazy for having a different set of standards. It is not crazy for you to develop a connection faster with some people and not others or for wanting clear communication and intention in your relationships. There should not be any crazy talk because you get attached to people easily or for being an over-thinker or even someone who cries when you try to get your point across.

That is who you are! You are working on being the best you that you can be. If you decide that being “that” person is no longer serving good to your soul, you will work on becoming who you need to be. You don’t need someone who doesn’t support you telling you that who you are is not “normal”.


Your Crazy is All Yours!

The “crazy”-the good crazy- is all yours and it shows that you are human and alive! Being a person that cares alot for others and is willing to give to others is beautiful. Shows that you are willing to be hurt. I will be that person. Would rather be that person over someone who is numb and does not allow themselves to feel.

For me, it is not crazy to feel all my feels or get my hopes up on occassion. I can be sensitive and I may drop some tears when sharing a story that is close to my heart or get overly excited about something I have been waiting for. So What! It does not make you crazy to communicate something, voice your opinion or expect something in return. And you are not crazy if you are disappointed in the response or lack there of.


What life is about

The longer I live, the more I realize that life is about going after our heart’s desire or purpose and allowing the things that we deserve in as we journey. Go after the body you want, the person you are attracted to, the home, car, and business that you want. If it is not cool to the next person, who cares!?! We are all on our own individual life’s journey. As we journey, we will meet people along the way and may journey together for a time. We are all at some point in our meeting, walking each other home. Not many will journey with us the whole way or even for a long part of the journey.

You are not crazy for feeling what you feel and wanting what you want. Someone may think you are crazy for getting excited over something they think is small or your sense of attachment. You are human and your own individual. Respect and love all of the things that make you, you. Don’t criticize or put yourself down. And never mind the others that attempt to put you down for being true to yourself. Would you rather be who you are or that insecure, jealous, and numb person over there that always has something to say about someone else?

Embrace YOur Crazy

When you do think that you are feeling a little crazy, find out where that’s coming from. Are you feeling a little down on yourself? Did it come from someone else? Be honest with yourself and make sure that you are speaking to yourself from a healthy place. What is the truth about you? Breath into that!

Know that you are doing the best you can and you are being true to yourself. Crazy as it may seem.

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  1. What a cool message to accept who you are, which most of us find hard to do. Thanks so much for this!

    1. dgsunshyne91 says:

      Thank you for your feedback. It is so hard to just accept who we are. Working on it daily

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