Choose Wisely. Choose Well.

The right to choose. This subject has really come to the forefront in recent months and it was really on my mind now. We have the right to choose. It’s true. But do we actually choose what we want or do we succumb to the choice others make for us? We must learn to choose wisely and choose well.

I, like many of you, was told growing up that we live in a free country. A country where we can do whatever we want, say whatever we choose, and be whoever we want to be. I believed that for a really long time. Have to be honest with you now and say, in recent times, I am not sure that I believe this anymore.


When I became an adult, I relinquished the burden on my parents to completely make my decisions for me. This chick could not wait! Little did I know it was not going to be easy and I was going to hate it….in the very beginning, anyway. It was a lot of work to pay my own bills, decided where I was going to live and what I could afford to purchase. Can I afford to eat out at my favorite restaurant? Or maybe buy those boots that I have been eyeing? Can I even put some food in my refrigerator this week?! This stuff was nerve-racking!

Adulting was the pits when I first left home. I wanted my life back! The life that I had when I did not have to make any major decisions and I could stay outside and play/hang with my friends until the street lights came on. Those were the days. They are long gone now…

Fast forward to today. I watch a state tell women what to do with their bodies and it makes me sad. Even sadder the fact that a random person can be punished for unknowingly participating in what she chooses to do. There are so many things that we cannot see that go along with the tough decision that a woman makes to terminate a pregnancy. I will say that, for me, I am a believer in things working out for my good. Life is beautiful and I also do not judge anyone for having to sit with such a tough decision. One thing I am going to do is love people and mind my business!

Choose wisely. Choose well.

does that sit well with you?

No one can bang on your door and tell you that you can no longer drink or smoke. How would you feel if someone came into your home and told you that you cannot discipline your children, argue with your family, or serve the God that you serve? I really don’t think that many of us would long to live in this “land of the free and home of the brave”.

Honestly, you can’t even be brave enough to make the decision to not be a parent or opt out of a vaccine that you are unsure of. The idea of this is so arresting to me. Yet, I also have to sit down each day and homeschool my son about World History and include how “free” we are. (Thinking to myself–teach him the facts and let him decide, teach him the facts and let him decide Cher–as I roll my eyes)

Thinking about all that is happening, one thing I hold dear is my right to choose. I believe that we have to take more time when we make decisions and that should be ok with others. When we are talking about how we are going to live our lives, we have to think. There should be time spend thinking in between the request and the answer. That goes for any request for our time, money, or otherwise! We live in a world where we all want to know now when we ask for something . Sometimes it is just not that simple. Period.

choose wisely. choose well.

We should sit with the possible outcomes and see if that supports what we see for ourselves and in our lives. Eventually, we are going to have to decide to say yes to ourselves. And do that without worrying if someone will still like you when you choose you.

Don’t say yes to something because everyone else said yes. We are all individuals. What is good for one is generally not good for all. After saying yes, you have to live with the decision. And don’t blame it on the devil. We give him way too much credit.

You have a choice. The choice is yours! If you want to lose weight or quit your job. You may decide to start a new business or end a marriage or other relationship. Whatever you do throughout your day, it will be full of choices. If you don’t make them, someone is going to make them for you.

you are the leader of your life


We can all be who we truly want to be if we think about what it is going to take to get there and say yes to those things. Guess what? We don’t have to agree with others or follow them. You are the leader of your life. Even when you follow someone, you are leading you so you honestly can blame them unless you were held at gunpoint and feared for your life.

We make our choices, then our choices make us. Have you ever heard that before? I cannot remember where I heard/read this because I do a lot of reading and listening but it has stuck with me. Everything we do, think, or say will leave a footprint in our journey. Our choices will have an impact and there will be some change as a result of them. Responsibility and accountability (I know, that’s an ugly word) should be loud and present as we choose to shape and create our lives and the direction that they will go.

be reminded today of the great power you have over your life

Every day is full of choices from the time you are blessed with open eyes. May you choose things that bring joy, beauty, peace. Choose things and people that will bring you closer to who you are and your life’s purpose.

Choose wisely. Choose well.


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