Celebrating Entrepreneurs: John EnglishIV, founder of JE4 Photography

IMG_7834There are many people out in the world that have passions leaking from their pores. In fact, we all do, for the most part. For the driven, those dreams have to become a reality. We have to open that business, write that book, see those dreams come true. I mean, what is the point of living if we are always making others happier, satisfied…richer!! What about you??!! I want to take a blog every month to give a shout out to the people I see that are reaching for the stars. Individuals that decide to stop helping someone else’s dream become a reality and work to see their own happen. It is hard work and it can get lonely at times, but knowing that in the end, you pushed through…you worked for the success you have… you are not a quitter!!! You are successful because you have the desire, the drive…the guts to keep it moving. And the rewards are on the way!

I am introducing a man that I have known my whole life (minus 3 years because I am older that he). He is a man that is full of adventure and imagination. This is part of the reason why I believe that he is certainly at the beginning of a super successful photography career. He has only been focusing on the business for a few years but has made awesome connections with the community, and is a sought-after photographer for family, wedding, and business bookings alike. I asked him some questions that go a little deeper than his work alone so that we are introduced to his reasoning for doing what he does, what drives him to continue to build his business when things are quiet and his love for life in general. So, let’s peek into the life of a very special man to me and awesome photographer…my little, big brother…John English IV

Tell me about yourself in 50 words or less including your business venture

I am the forth generation John English, and growing up I never really thought about the importance of that position, until late in my life. Being a family oriented person, I rely on my family for support and love, this is what drives my motivation to be a better man. My goal is to be the best version of myself I can be, including being the best John English of them all. It’s a legacy thing, one that was chosen by name, so, I plan to exceed the expectations set when I was born. This is my exact mission for my photography business, JE4 Photography.

1.)What would say are your biggest accomplishments?

John: I would say my biggest accomplishments are, all of the awesome clients that have booked me for their special moments. Being a photographer gives me the great pleasure, and honor of having the ability to freeze a moment, that moment can be relived over and over again as we get older. So, years later, that moment will literally transport you back to that exact moment with such precision, you almost feel like you’re back there again.

2.)I am most proud of….

John: My growth as an entrepreneur. Photography wasn’t a planned passion, mainly because I never had the resources (money for equipment)  to realize this was something that would be a great part of my life. The business side was very unexpected, and at first very overwhelming ; however my determination has led to a love for both the business side and the skill set.

3.)Define success

John: Unlike many other business professionals, my definition of success is a bit unique. While others think success is defined by how much money they made, or the accolades they rack up…success, to me, is the feeling I have when a clients books me. I’m successful because, my mother and father are proud of my business, my product is shared with others with pride, and I gain knowledge with each booked job. The mere fact that I took a step toward my dream, is every bit of success. The mind and society, has painted this picture of what success is “supposed” to look like, when the reality is…success is whatever it looks like to, you.

4.) I believe…

John: I believe in following your dreams and being passionate about your goals. Doing anything less isn’t living, it’s just existing. God, or whoever you believe is the highest entity, gave each and every one of us a gift. This gift could be anything. You could have the gift of annoyance, gift to sleep, gift to heal, or, the gift of giving. These are all useful in some way to someone, but finding how you can use this gift to bring you joy is where most people fail to launch their dream. Without the proper people around to support you can be stunting and discouraging to even begin. My advice, find those that do believe in you, and keep them around, because once you start; remember…that’s when you can claim success.

5.)What is your why?

This is a great question, and I will tell you why (no pun intended). I have always had this affinity for art, mainly because I was pretty much introduced to it early in my life.  My father had a film camera that captured moments beautifully, my sister’s love for music filled the room with sounds of bold beats and rhythms, and my surroundings where painted brightly with spray painted colors on structures like canvases. Before I knew it, I was drawing still life, and putting my imagination on paper, with images and words. Yes that’s right, I am also a poet. So, capturing my environment with a camera only makes sense to express my artistic nature. Now that I’ve found my passion, my next step is to teach others how to express themselves in the art medium that is photography. It’s a great outlet to express yourself, and one that many people appreciate, and those people aren’t always your friends. That’s the beauty of photography, it’s universal and your style will be appreciate by aficionados world wide, no matter your skill level. I’m at peace when I have my camera in my hand.

6.) How do you feel about your failures toward your goals?

Well, to be honest, I don’t feel I have failed yet. Goals to me aren’t win or lose, I believe we just haven’t finished the race yet. When you watch a marathon, and the person comes in last, most of the time they probably knew they wouldn’t win, but their goal was to finish no matter what time they ended with. I tackle my goals the same way. If I don’t complete something in time, majority of the time it was lack of effort, so I go back to it and do something different to overcome my lack of attention to the project or assignment. I’ve failed when I give up, and that really isn’t an option for me.

For more information on how to book JE4 Photography and to view his work….

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  1. Dwane says:

    Yes!!! Awesome write up, nothing beats family promoting family.
    Way to not only go after your own goals, but also show love to your brother..

  2. Damia Jackson says:

    An amazing blog on a amazing man, entrepreneur, photographer,
    and cousin😊. You’ve captured life at a still, memories that will smile a lifetime. Keep rising up! You have truly inspired me to not give up on my dream.

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