Be more than a thinker, Be a doer also!

Free-Thinker-copyI am not saying that thinking is not a good thing. In fact, it is a great thing! I am more of a thinker than a talker, myself, but I also attempt to put those thoughts into action. What is the point of thinking if you are not going to do anything about the thought?

So much thought has gone into the things that we use every day…our cars, homes, cellphones, and other great inventions. They have made our lives easier in many ways and have increased the quality of our lives; for many of these things I am thankful ūüôā Anything that will help me get through my days easier and help me to be more productive, I am all for them. We have so much because of someone’s thinking and more is on the way. What are you thinking about that will make your life, or the lives of others easier or more enriched? Well, stop JUST thinking things through and get busy!

Countless individuals have spend a lot of hours and energy in their thoughts planning projects, new inventions, or plans to improve old ones, and as we can see, they have probably spent just as much time putting those plans into action. We have to find a balance with our thinking and our doing. If you don’t invent, create, or improve it, someone else will. Many of us do not put our thinking into action, and this a trait that many lack and get to the end of their lives without fulfilling any of their dreams.¬†Goals Green Road Sign with Dramatic Clouds and Sky.

Are you an over-thinker? I can raise my hand as to being one in¬†the past. I make myself take action now, or stop thinking about it. Put up or shut up! That is where I am when dealing with my thoughts nowadays. Even the most intelligent, creative person in the room is wasting their talent if it all stays in their head. I do not plan to be that person, the one who just thinks but never moves on it. You are wasting time and missing out on the best your life has to offer when you stay in your head. And it is Biblical!! James 1:22 AMPC says, “But be doers of the Word, and not merely listeners to it, betraying yourselves {into deception by reasoning contrary to the Truth}.

If you have an idea, that is all it is if you do nothing about it. Many times we sit down and come up with an idea and almost believe that we have ¬†accomplished something…then what? We start to feel good and gain a feeling of success before we even get started and for many, it ends there. Right there! For some, that feeling is enough and the idea stays right where it began. Lately I have really been trying to get and stay motivated to pursue my thoughts, to make things happen. Plan….and do!! This is really beginning to have a huge impact on me and my family. When I come up with an idea, I try not to wait too long to make action because the longer I wait, the less motivated I am to make things happen…and it’s on to the next idea. Adult ADD, I think. If I do not act fast, I am not ensuring that any action will happen at all in that area. Not because of laziness, it is because we all have busy lives, children, families, and social media to distract us. I am not talking about hasty action either, that happens because we are being impatient(because that hardly ever turns out well), but the action that takes advantage of the energy you have at that moment and capitalizes on the momentum instead of letting in stay in your head and never becoming a reality.

Are you thinking of writing a book, building a shed, planting a garden, or learning to swim? Instead of just sharing the idea or writing it in your journal, start reading books about writing, building that shed, or gardening. Check your local YMCA, or recreation centers for swim lessons. Do not just think about it, BE about it! You will thank yourself later. Start acting, seriously. Take your ideas out of the “idea” phase and into the next phase. Reality.

If we do not act on our ideas, we are making the decision to just stay who we are. Think about that. If they did not bring cellphones into reality and it just stayed an idea, you would be sitting at home by the phone right now waiting on a call from your lover, or looking for a payphone to tell your boss you are running late again. No action, no change. Think about that for a second.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy biggest frustration with myself, and with others, is when there are repeat experiences and there are ideas, but there is no growth in an area. Like, I have thought about how to improve, read about what I can do, but still no growth. I just think about it. Once I realize that I am in that place, I take the time out to do what I promise myself that I am going to do, that is get better every day, be better every single day. Whatever it is in your life that motivates you to improve, think about that when you are DOING or not doing something…how is that action going to affect you or feed the good in your life?

Yes, it afraid!! None of us are going to do¬†everything, or anything, perfectly and that is okay too. You have a million ideas and if we look at the time we waste in a day, we have the time to execute. This action can be a problem for a perfectionists. If you fall in that category, many times you will not even attempt something if you have any doubt about being completely successful. We all are perfectionists in certain areas of our lives. Cooking, cleaning, relationships, at work, our writing, our hair…there are just areas of our lives where we will not accept anything but perfection. Just accept that we…you will not be perfect in what we do at first, but we can working on getting things done in a way that is just perfect for us. I once read that instead of trying to plan every single step of your journey, plan macro goals, then execute on a micro level. So having the destination is important but hitting small marks along the way will make all of the difference and help you to enjoy the journey.

We need to be tenacious when it comes to moving on our thoughts. We cannot be quitters! Having patience is still a cool thing, and we should have it as far as our journey is concerned. We should also have tenacity and hunger when it comes to hitting the small marks on our way to the destination. We need to embrace everything about actions to our ideas…the planning, learning, failures, understanding, choices, etc…over and over again. And we should do what we have to in order to get things started too. Forward motion, even if the steps are small, is still forward. Anything that you want to accomplish in life can be done using small steps, piece by piece, steady as you go. Always have your end goal in mind, but know that it is also about the journey, not just the destination.

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  1. Tara says:

    Great post! I am very guilty of keeping my ideas in my head & never implementing! You make some great points on why I should “do” those ideas!!

    1. dgsunshyne91 says:

      It is hard for us at times to put feet to it. Wishing you the best as you “do”!!!!!! ūüėć

  2. What a great post! Very motivational! I get stuck in my head sometimes out of fear of failure, but the need to move forward pushes me move! Good luck to you!

    1. dgsunshyne91 says:

      good luck to you as well

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