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As I finally take a Sunday to do nothing but go to church and cook dinner, I reflect on how much I got done this week and prepare for the next. Yeah sure, men have a few roles to play like husbands, dads, workers, bill payers, and more, but honestly, if we were collecting hats for every role we play, I, and most of you,  would fill up a very large closet! Being a woman, we take on a lot and if you are bad at multi-tasking, by the end of a season, you will learn how to be EVERY woman. Sheesh!! I am exhausted just thinking about who and what I am in my little world. What if you had a hat for every role you played. How big would that closet have to be?
Off hand, most us are wives and mothers, so just in that, I say hats off to you!!! (wink, wink, you like that? hats off?) Anyway….We have to a lot to do as wives right? We have to be loving, understanding, and  supportive toward our lovers. We have to be communicators, financial advisers, bank tellers, cooks, maids, and vixens…at the same time!!!

That is just “wifey” duty. If you’re a mom, you also have the added responsibility of being a teacher, master discipline agent, doctor,  maid, cook, dishwasher, comforter, negotiator, and if you nurse, you are the nurser and the nourishment. Phew, I don’t know about you but just right there, my hat closet is full. I have 3 boys!! They are all in different phases of life so that mom thing is like to the 10th power for me. I am sure nap time is golden for most moms with small children. When my boys took naps, I was cleaning, taking care of finances, doing school work, making calls I couldn’t make when they were awake, cooking, or entertaining the hubby.
I love being a mom, it is my biggest passion and a dream come true. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love my boys. They are probably my biggest investment too, partly because I need someone to take care of me and not toss me to the nursing home when I get to old to comb my own hair. I am joking, but I am not.
I love to write; another hat. I love to create things, I am a thinker, problem solver ,and I like to eat!!! More hats… I love listening to music, and singing it. I love that I finally got up the nerve to do this blog. I am happy I did. I am getting the hang of it, which is making it more fun than anything, and it is another hat.
If you’re a little like me, the seasons are special to you, so you throw on your decorating hat or your crafting hat to make your house feel like the season. Throw on your bargain-hunter hat and you can make your home look wonderfully festive for a few dollars and vision. Speaking of the seasons, it is almost time to throw on lawn girl hat and cut grass and plant flowers. I do have young men to cut the grass but it is a good workout so why not. 
Many of us are community volunteers,  teachers, business women, entrepreneurs, cooks, bakers, carpet cleaners, furniture polishers, dishwashers, lovers, baby-makers, daughters, moms, grandmothers, a friend, a church member, a student, a planner, a shopper, an aunt,  sister, a pet caregiver, and the list can go on and on. We are women!!! We are built strong so we can do all of these things and more; we can wear all of these hats and still take care of ourselves. We are beautiful and we don’t blink an eye or complain about our lives (at least not in front of anyone) because we have chosen to be who we are, do what we do, and it can all change when we make a different choice. Wear your hats with pride, celebrate!!! Throw yourself a party because not everyone is as strong as you are. Some other person would have given up but not you. You wear your hats, tears and all. My hat is off to you, the women who want to quit, but you don’t. I am just as exhausted as you are but I love my hats…more than I ever thought that I would, that is for sure.

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