6 Ways To Say I Love You To Her This Valentine’s Day

valentinesdayforher1It comes every year and yet some men still wait until the last minute to scape the almost empty shelves for something your wife/significant other isn’t going to eat, use, or want to smell like. You can ruin the whole day if you do not put a little time and effort into your gift giving. I am not much of a Valentine’s Day person because I did not get to celebrate many of them as a military spouse. I also believe that I would rather be loved eloquently the whole year than have a quick shower on one day. But anywho…

wantsneeds1I think if you are going to spoil your lady on Valentine’s Day, you should show some thoughtfulness and class. One thing you can do that she would appreciate is planning ahead, somewhat. We can tell when you have put some thought into your gift-giving as opposed to you running to the gas station or those people on the side of the road with the teddy bear inside of a giant balloon… what are you supposed to do with those anyway? Whether you are doing something with the whole family or just her alone, put some thought and preparation into it for goodness sakes….or even surprise her! It truly matters and it is the thought that counts.

  • Do something leading up to Valentine’s Day. Planning something special for her like a dinner, massage, buy her a dress for the upcoming dinner even… make it extra loving. Get her excited and have her anticipating the day. Just do not forget to have something for her to expect on February 14. Even if we say we do not want anything…we do!
  • It is not about how much you spend! Why go out there buying teddy bears, chocolates and flowers that are expensive when you can do something for her that can last the whole day long. Let her lock herself up in the room for a day while you take care of the home, errands, and the children. Peace and quiet (and a nap) is always a lovely gift for a hard-working mommy.
  • Write her a letter. I still remember a love letter that I received that was straightvalentinesdayforher3 from the heart and full of his personality. When we see that you sat down and took the time to share your heart, it means the world to us. It is rare to have a man that gets completely “naked” about his feelings and trust you with them. As long as you are being honest about it and not copying from some Hallmark card or Google, it would be much appreciated it and you are sure to have a good night.
  • Cook dinner at home for her and set up a nice scene. Cooking is not a hard thing to do. You just have to follow directions which may be the hardest part if it is something that you have never cooked before. Just send the children to grandma’s house, plan and make a menu, flowers on the table, dessert…..and dessert (hmm). Pull out the stops for her…and do not let her clean up afterward PLEASE!
  • You can start early in the day by going to have breakfast or lunch, or even just coffee. You may have to be creative because most of us have families and jobs but it is just one day if you have to put off something to give her your attention, she will see it and appreciate the effort. Sometimes things like this mean more to us than the pricey things.
  • valentinesdayforher2Put friendly reminders of your love where she can find them. Your wedding photos by her makeup, pictures of you on your first date, a few sexy pictures sent to her phone throughout the day, love notes in her purse, in her car, her desk at work. Speak to her with love on your mind and the little things will be huge, trust me.

Take things back to the beginning. Where you met, why you fell in love, how you really feel when you think about her and what makes her so beautiful to you. If you are going to celebrate Valentine’s Day, make it a sweet and thoughtful one….then continue to show your love and appreciation every day. These are things that you can do often to show her that you are Blessed to be able to call her your own.

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