5 Ways to Gain Energy for the Day

Image result for energyOmgoodness, this  heat is really draining me!

It is so hot here that it is hard to go out and enjoy the summer sunshine. I have so many plans to get my boys out of the house but if it stays hot like this, it may be one boring summer.

Today, I woke up thinking about how I want to show up in the world today. Thinking about what I want to wear and do to get one step closer to the things that I want. Where was I going to find the energy to work at my peak and get some things accomplished.

I eventually got up, prayed about my day, and I am off and running!

My schedule at work is pretty full and that is a good thing. Everyday I tell myself that I am going to use today to chase down my dreams, get another step closer, but sometimes I am admittingly lazy…because of the heat, my hectic schedule and other things that seem to drain my energy before I even get started.

I have really been trying to work on adopting some habits that will help me perform at my very best. I want to use every one of my waking hours to be great…even if it is just to sit and read or get in some quiet time. When I have energy, my days seem to be much more positive and no one can get on my nerves unless they try really hard.

So I have been thinking about it all week and these are the things that I am going to alter to help me gain every and be able to work at my peak…Image result for energy

  1. Meditate and get some exercise. I have been reading so much on mindfulness and the benefits of meditation that I began doing it a couple of months ago. I have noticed a huge difference in the way I look at things, my patience levels, and my energy and performance for the day. It takes a lot to get me upset but since I have been meditating, it rarely happens at all. Meditation is not just that picture of us sitting Indian style on the floor. It can be that or just being alone taking a walk around your neighborhood taking in nature. If you want to try a guided meditation, I like the Headspace App. The quiet time and/or a good 30 minute walk will help the rest of your day to flow a whole lot smoother.
  2. Set routines. When you set routines for your days, it reduces the amount of decisions you make in your day, which helps the day to be less stressful and draining. We have hundreds of decisions to make in a day and a lot of them are not huge and/or life-altering but too many little decisions piled up and drain anyone.
  3. Turn off your notifications. This is going to be hard for some. Many people cannot even walk out of a room without their phones. It is okay if we do not know what every person in our social media outlets is doing, really it is. Every time you get a notification while doing an activity, even if it is napping on a wonderful Sunday afternoon, it is throwing off the focus you had on what you were doing the moment before. I turned my social media notifications off on my phone so I would not be tempted to run to my page for every little notification. I do not even have my phone on vibrate. You may not have the ringtone interrupting you but you definitely have the buzzing in your purse or pocket doing the same thing.
  4. Continue to learn/do new things. Whenever I am learning something new, I am alert and full of energy. I want to get it right, and do well so my concentration is high. New things and experiences require us to give our brains a stretch and work differently. Whether big or small, that new activity, even if it is just taking a different way home, can a make a world of difference in your energy levels and your day as a whole.
  5. Set a routine for bedtime. Our parents had one for us when we were younger. Did they give you a bath then read a book, or say your prayers and sleep with music and your favorite nightlight on? Whatever it was when the time came, your body and mind knew that it was time to wind down and rest. We have to have a routine in order to get adequate rest so that we can have energy for the next day. How we prepare for sleep does make a big difference. If you are doing a million things right before bed, you are not going to rest well because you will be thinking about the stress of your day and end up staying up later and maybe tossing and turning through the night. I do not always get it right, but I have a little routine that I have been working on being consistent with.

I put my phone on “Do not disturb” accept for my close family and friends

I have to have my ice water next to my bed

I try to meditate and read my bible and pray

I write ideas or whatever in my journal, at least 1 point of gratitude

Those things do not always happen at the same time every day, but like anything else, it is a process. We should be excited every morning and evening because by the end of the day, we have lived another day intentionally (hopefully), and when morning comes, we have the opportunity to do it all again.

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  1. Great read!

    1. dgsunshyne91 says:

      Thank you!

  2. Nichole says:

    Fantastic! I love the one about turning off your notifications! When is did this a few months ago it was so freeing!

    1. dgsunshyne91 says:

      It is true that not responding to every notification is so freeing! I never turned mine back on when i realized that

  3. 1blog2moms says:

    great tips, thank you. I will be trying some out.

  4. Great advice! The heat is really draining my energy, too. Turning off notifications is one of the hardest things for me. I need to try out that meditation app. Thanks for these tips!

    1. dgsunshyne91 says:

      Notifications are hard to turn off but it feels so good.

  5. Cloe Provost says:

    Good point about routines and excersize. I have so been slacking in these areas and your list is a super good reminder. I love to read your posts!

    1. dgsunshyne91 says:

      I have my slacking weeks. Lol. Thank you so much. I appreciate you taking the time out!

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