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This year has been a year of many bitter surprises for us all. I am trying to surprise myself in some good ways to take my year out. Surprise myself in so many ways!

I have been tackling my limiting beliefs by doing more of what I used to believe I was not capable of doing. Making moves that I always talked myself out of. I love the way I feel when I accomplish something that I have put off because of fear or doubt.

I look back at the times I avoided making some moves and to be honest, I do not know what I was afraid of! There are so many things I missed out on. We lose so much power to fear of doing what we really have a desire to do.

Some of us are thinking that we have reached a dead end or a final chapter. We are feeling like we failed our loved ones or ourselves. Have you convinced yourself that you really didn’t have what it took to get it done? Ummm, NEWSFLASH, you survived that mess and it’s not over!

What Are Your Limiting Beliefs?

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Look back at all of the challenges that you broke through. Remember when you finally stood up for yourself or that time when you stayed quiet when you usually speak your mind to your detriment? Did you volunteer to do something that you would never do? Did you move to a city where there is no one you know or finally went after that job that you have been eyeing for months?

You surprised yourself right? And it feels extra good doesn’t it?

This, my love, is proof that you can do what you want/need to do when you set your heart to it. It proves what you are capable of doing in the future.

One goal of mine every month is to do a checkup on myself emotionally, physically…in every way. I look back at my month and see where I accomplished the most and where I need to put my focus next month. My ultimate goal is to live a balanced life. I need to check in with myself and celebrate what I have come through and remember not to beat myself up for coming up short. That is the perfect time to make goals for the next month.

Cheer Yourself On!

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Once you realize what you are capable of, celebrate! What a powerful being you are! So, there will be no final chapters, no silence when you want to speak, and no more dead ends. You are going to surprise yourself!

Despite my self doubt, lack of confidence and my horrible habit of overthinking, I do manage to surprise myself lots. I have to have a lot of inner dialogue for sure to get there though! I am so good at talking myself out of things that scare me. Truth is, I need to do the things that scare me! I need to do the things that seem hard. Surprise myself!

We can change the direction of our emotions, health, finances, relationships…our lives if we just make an attempt and surprise ourselves. Step up to what you are certainly capable of doing and let the journey begin. Do the opposite of what you are used to doing. Say yes where you normally say no. I say, go where you would normally not dare and take action where you would normally take a seat. Surprise!

Surprise Yourself!

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When we get tired of things looking the same in our lives or feel like nothing is getting better, we have to surprise ourselves. You want to see change in your life/ That is how. Sometimes we have to do the things we normally would not. Step out of your comfort zone and do the unthinkable…within reason, of course. Do that thing that makes you pee a little at the thought of doing it. For real!

When I hear my inner voice speaking doubt over my situation, or telling me to be quiet or speak up, I try to surprise myself and do what I really want to do. I am gonna live on purpose! Afraid or not, I am going to show up anyway.

I recognize the things that I really want in this life and most of them are on the other side of fear. They are on the other side of small steps and the giant pee-causing steps too. Your best life is on the other side of moments where you decide to no longer hold yourself back or talk yourself out of living for real.

Come on, surprise yourself!

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