10 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts For Anyone

Whether your Valentine is your husband, wife, best friend, pet, or child, you know that they love you for who you are without the gifts right? If you don’t have the time to stress over making a homemade gift, you can go to good ol’ Amazon to buy gifts that can still be delivered by Valentine’s Day. If you are Amazon Prime, your delivery is fast and at no extra cost.

If you like to keep things classic with the flowers, candy and balloons, or go for something unique and/or sentimental, Amazon has so many cool ways to say “I love you”! Here aere some of the things that I found…

  1. Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet. These are really cool if your love is into essential oils and mood boosters. You just add two or three drops to the felt pad to release the tension and stress of the day. $17.99
  2. Talk, Flirt, Dare: Date night Box set. This seems like a fun game to play with a spouse, or potential mate. You just pull a card from one of the three decks and you are guaranteed to have some help keeping the spark (and the conversation) flowing. $24.95
  3. For the wanderlust in your life, I found The Bucket List: 1000 Adventures Big and Small. Give your traveler what they really need…some inspiration for their next adventure. There are hundreds of destinations in the U.S and beyond in this book for wandering pleasures. I am definitely someone who wants to see the world so I may grab this one for myself! $21.99
  4. Initial Heart Bar Necklace. For your jewelry lover, Amazon has a budget-friendly dainty little necklace. It a has a luxe look with an engraved initial and it is finished in a rose gold coating that is hard-to-rust. $13.99
  5. Unicorn Musical Jewelry Box. Every little princess needs a jewelry box! When this jewelry box is opened, your little lady will hear a sweet tune and watch the unicorn begin to twirl. She can fill with her favorite jewelry, trinket, notes and more. $13.95
  6. Dune Buggy Toy Building Kit. Keep your little man busy with this 177-piece kit from Lego. Your little one can build a two-in-one dune buggy, which also transforms into two off-road vehicles. It even comes with a built-in jack so that he can prop the car up for a quick tire change. $ 12.99
  7. Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager. I know you don’t mind giving your guy a back rub occasionally, but let’s admit it, there are kinks that we just can’t work out. Luckily for you, this massager has three different speeds to knead any tired, tight, or aching back and shoulder muscles that he may have. I have one and they truly work the knots out. $52.99
  8. A Beer Subscription! I was really surprised to see this but it is really cool for the person that is into craft beers. They gift you the option of subscribing to receiving high-quality craft beer either monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly. The subscription can be 12 or 24 bottles at a time straight to his/her door. $42.00
  9. Tile Pro. If you have someone in your life that loses things, namely keys alot, I am just going to say you are welcome! They no longer have to be frustrated about losing their keys, wallet, or phone. They can attach this little Bluetooth tracker to whatever easy-to-lose device they have. There is an App that will ring the tile if it is nearby which will help cut down on search time.$34.98
  10. Wooden Picture Frame. Gift-giving should not be a contest at this time but this sweet frame would definitely put you ahead of the game. You can definitely show your partner how you really feel with this frame. Put a sweet or silly picture in the frame to complete the gift. $17.99

Over $18.2 billion is spent on Valentine’s Day each year around the globe. Is it a celebration made up by some brilliant brand marketers or and actual holiday? Who really knows. Regardless of how we feel about it, it is responsible for an uptick in global business every February. A Simple card can go a long way and every gift does not have to be tangible. Experiences can have more value than a bouquet of flowers, especially if who you are buying for someone who has just about everything. Whatever you buy, make, or do for your loved ones this year, make sure it is from the heart and comes with a big hug.

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